Integro - Sound Bath with Sandra (May)

*Dr. Sandra Solano, M.D. will invite the sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls to immerse you in a unique experience of vibration and sound.  Enjoy the sounds of a full therapeutic set bringing you to a quick state of deep relaxation.

The purpose of this session is not to treat a specific illness or medical problem but rather to improve energy flow throughout the body/mind/spirit pathways.  Individuals will experience a deep relaxation response which can improve physical/emotional/spiritual health issues.  

Important Notes: For this program, each individual needs to wear relaxing clothing. Participants will be laying on yoga mats on the floor during the session, so each individual needs to be physically able to get down on the floor (and upright afterwards).  You will need provide your own yoga mats and blankets.

*Dr. Sandra Solano, MD, MS is Founder and Director of Integro, a wellness center in Central Ohio. In addition to her 25-year career in public health and preventative medicine, Dr. Solano is also a HeartMath® Trainer and certified in sound therapy through the ancient practice of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Holographic Memory Resolution®


Schedule: Saturday, May 22nd 5:00-6:15PM

Location: Philip Heit Center (150 W. Main St.)

Fee: $35

To Bring With You:
-wear relaxing, comfortable clothing
- a yoga mat or beach towel
- 2-3 blankets for maximum comfort (optional)
- a water bottle (optional)

Important notes about COVID-precautions/safe social distancing:
-The number of participants will be limited to allow for appropriate spacing.
-Individual spaces will be preset at 8-ft distances from each other.
-Two adjoining rooms will be utilized to allow students to spread out.
- Attendees must wear a mask at all times.
-The Philip Heit Center is equipped with an HVAC system that meets the strict complaints standards for air flow and filtration required by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
- Lastly, if you are showing any symptoms of sickness, please stay home.

Program Type Adult
Program Subcategory Integrative/Yoga
Program Code Integro
Online Registration Yes
Enrollment Begin Date 2/19/2021
Enrollment End Date 5/19/2021
Sandra Solano
Gender Any Gender
Enrollment Minimum 8
Maximum 14
Grade Minimum -
Maximum -
Age Minimum 18
Maximum -
Residency Restriction -None-
Membership Restrictions -
Amount $35.00
Saturday - 05/22/2021
Start Time 5:00 PM
End Time 6:15 PM
Location The Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany